Video Telematics Solution for Emergency and Critical Healthcare Services

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Video Telematics Solution for Emergency and Critical Healthcare Services

In critical and emergency health situations, quick response system and quick treatments pose better chances of survival and recovery. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) are under constant pressure of timely transporting the patient and providing on-board preliminary medical care.  Hence, to improve the quality of EMS and make this service more effective, video telematics solutions have emerged as a potential retort.

Video telematics solutions together with Telemedicine have brought a substantial transformation in the horizon of critical healthcare services. Remote diagnosis and treatment on board ambulance, are some boons that we extract from these miracle-makers. Hospitals can certainly be much better prepared if they are aware of the essential information about the case and the patient’s condition, in advance.

Alba Smart’s video telematics solutions are effectually equipped with telemedicine facilities. This advanced solution can conveniently undertake trauma triage cases and embark upon best alternatives during the critical hours of life. The GPS tracking facility provided by our solution further aids in reducing response time.

Have a long-winded view of the advantages one can reap from this Alba Smart’s Visually Intelligent Solution:

Remote monitoring

The telemedicine facilities assist in getting primary information such as blood pressure, ECG, etc. about the patients travelling in ambulances equipped with telematics solutions and subsequently sending it to doctors for real-time monitoring. The remotely based doctors can suggest first aid treatments that can be given to the patients while on board based on the opinions from the real-time monitoring.

GPS tracking

Alba Smart’s Video telematics system helps in the GPS tracking of the vehicle in real-time. This helps in providing impeccable precision in dispatching and routing the ambulance. It further aids the hospital personnel to track the ambulance and minimize the response time.

Timely referrals

Having prior information about the patient’s condition, the doctors at the hospital can take triage decisions effectively. If the treatment facilities are beyond the scope of the hospital, the doctors can timely refer the patient to another hospital and save a lot of critical time.

Evidence management

In criminal cases, often EMS personnel are held liable for tampering with the patient’s condition. While sometimes the patients or others wrongly accuse the staff members of illicit activities. It is for such conditions that Alba Smart’s VTS comes to the rescue. The video cameras installed inside the ambulance have combated this struggle by extending an appropriate way of evidence management. In cases of wrong accusations or tampering, video recordings act as the most reliable evidence, helping the authorities to make prompt and correct decisions.

Assurance to patients and their families

Telemedicine is the silver lining for patients and more for their worried families. Onboard monitoring and preliminary treatment provide great assurance to the patients and their families. It’s a proven fact that patients whose medical evaluation were done quickly and the preliminary treatment was effectually started recovered nearly two times faster than the people who were taken in a regular ambulance to the hospital. Telemedicine certainly helps in successful and quick recoveries.

With such myriad benefits standing on our face, it leaves no doubts that video telematics system and telemedicine is brought new waves of change in the way emergency and critical health care services had been operating. These two solutions from Alba Smart has made EMS far more organized and responsive. Positive reinforcements have subtly entered the world of Emergency and Critical Healthcare services.

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