Smart Fleet Management

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Smart Fleet Management Solutions

The traditional way of operating the fleet industry, its productivity and its efficiency has been disrupted with the application of fleet management technology. IoT and telematics connect vehicles and drivers like never before. While more devices, people and data get connected, the opportunities in fleet management too are expanding exponentially. The fleet management technology enhances transparency and enables real-time visibility of fleet movement, fuel management, vehicle maintenance, diagnostics, driver management and real-time monitoring. Fleet operators have started using fleet telematics to maximize safety 
and efficiency, minimize environmental impact, and keep the cargo secure and in optimal condition.

Irrespective of the business you are in, whether manufacturing or distribution, efficient supply chain management is critical to its survival and profitability and no supply chain operation can be more efficient than its logistic operations. An efficient logistic operation while ensuring loss prevention, and risk management, monitors the supply and demand nerve reacting with agility to market supply and demand requirements. It is an essential element in revenue and sales forecasting. An efficient logistic operation is reliable and dependable fleet operation. Fleet operations should ensure Delivery on time, Quantity as per order, Quality as per specs plus Safety of Cargo and assets on the move. A reliable fleet operation delivers profitability by reducing transit losses and optimising vehicle and road safety.

Promising the optimization of your operations , time, cost and service competence with real time tracking accuracy

Real-time monitoring with superior resolution, a host of powerful image processing algorithms and a comprehensive real-time freight data analysis, cloud-based evidence management and onboard storage all packaged in a graphical, user-friendly interface, ensure that Alba Smart Video Solutions go way beyond simple monitoring and recording. Alba Smart uses its knowledge and expertise in M2M communications, telemetry and software, to provide industry leading solutions for fleet management to give the industry the dependability and reliability that it expects from its supply chain operations.

Real time data on all aspects of fleet operations not only helps industry save on time, but also helps in providing insights that lead to operation optimization and enhanced productivity. We provide real time information with Integrated GPS for operational efficiency, Performance analytics , Onboard Engine Diagnostics, Evidence management to reduce theft and Fuel pilferage with Advance Driver Assistance Solution for monitoring driver behaviour , warning and enabling accident reduction. ​

Robust & Real Time Video Surveillance for Freight Logistics

The Indian supply chain is dynamic, growing in size and complexity and is vulnerable to a host of threats and hazards such as natural disasters, accidents, theft and malicious attacks. Linking people, processes and technology together better creates “defensive layers” that makes stealing freight or data along the supply chain a more difficult endeavour. Our high quality real time video surveillance cameras combined with proven Video Management System (VMS) provide an end-to-end solution for Security, Surveillance, Evidence and Asset Management. Information is available through an easy-to-use dashboard interface that works with tablets, smartphones, and computers.

Our robust and resilient solutions fuses multiple data sources and integrates business judgment with complex calculations to provide real time freight data analysis, reduce transit losses and ensure safety of critical cargo on the move. Our cloud based evidence management system is secure, accessible, scalable, apart from being simple and efficient to use.

Reduce Risk, Lower Operational Costs and Improve Fleet Safety

While at the fundamental level, our vehicle tracking system provides data regarding location, speed, time and direction, it is not limited to just this. Our VTS system is a lot more than just a tracking method, it aids in evaluating more complex information such as, driver behaviour analytics with Accelerometer-based 3 axis Gyro Sensor, monitor harsh braking, rash turning, and harsh acceleration. Our VTS system is also proficient in providing data and analytics on fuel efficiency and theft control for liability reduction and insurance to reduce risk, lower operational costs and improve fleet safety. Enhancing your fleet management with real-time visibility can completely transform business as you know it, giving you the insight and details needed to operate quickly, accurately, and more effectively for a better ROI and operational efficiency. Our telematics system is the answer to several critical problems like route planning, demand forecasting and predicting delivery time. Our transparent and fair performance measurement system aids in examining driver’s behaviour in terms of hour’s driven per day, distance travelled per day, maximum speed control, the number of idle days in a month, average speed analytics and also measures temperature sensor assistance to reduce the losses of perishable goods and cold chain pharma supplies.