Smart Fleet Management

Secured Supply Chain & Logistics  
Considerable reduction of losses and theft during transit, up to 25% reduction in delivery time, up to 15% lowered transport cost by tracking the routes.

Enhancing fleet management with real-time visibility can completely transform business, providing an insight and details needed to operate quickly, accurately, and more effectively for a better ROI and operational efficiency.

Our suite of Smart Fleet Management enhances transparency and enables real-time visibility of fleet movement, real-time monitoring, route planning and adherence, vehicle maintenance, demand forecasting and predicting delivery time. Transparent and fair performance measurement system aids in examining driver’s behaviour in terms of hour’s driven per day, distance travelled per day, maximum speed control, the number of idle days in a month, average speed analytics and also measures temperature sensor assistance to reduce the losses of perishable goods and cold chain pharma supplies.

Real time data on all aspects of fleet operations not only helps industry save on time, but also helps in providing insights that lead to operation optimization and enhanced productivity. We provide real time information with Integrated GPS for operational efficiency, Performance analytics , Onboard Engine Diagnostics, Evidence management to reduce theft and Fuel pilferage with Advance Driver Assistance Solution for monitoring driver behaviour , warning and enabling accident reduction. ​

Open API Integration with 3rd Party applications

The solution is designed to increase operational efficiency leveraging on the suite of application, analytics and reporting tools to support businesses.
  • Exhaustive Monitoring
  • Real time Tracking
  • Trip Play back
  • Alarm Notifications
  • Video Verification
  • Route Planning Schedules
  • Geofences
  • Route Adherence
  • Automated Commands
  • Intuitive Dashboard
  • Custom Reports
  • Driving Logbook

Reduce Risk, Lower Operational Costs and Improve Fleet Safety

Robust and resilient solution to prevent transit losses for logistic companies to ensure safety of personnel and goods using video evidence, real time video, onboard storage and cloud based evidence management.
Online vehicle tracking boosts your business’ efficiency and productivity. iLOGGIX © our Smart Fleet Management Solution , with integrated Video and Tracking for fleet monitoring help optimize costs and improve driver accountability.
Real-time monitoring with high superior streaming with powerful IOT , RFID , BLE and alarm integrations ,all packaged in a neat graphical, user-friendly interface with integrated Video telematics go beyond tracking .We at Alba Smart use knowledge and expertise in M2M communications, to provide industry leading solutions for fleet management to give the industry the dependability and reliability that it expects for its supply chain operations.