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With the growth in both people and cargo logistics, the demand for Smart fleet Management Solutions has significantly gone up. As per a recent survey it has been found that the commercial vehicle telematics market in India is growing steadily for the last four years and is expected to grow with a CAGR of almost 16% by 2020. With the vast growth in mining, construction and employee transportation, it is expected that they would be the next users of IoT Video Telematics Solutions in India . The sectors are showing strong demand for tracking and fleet management through the increasingly sophisticated use of vehicle and driver data by fleet operators. Technologies like surveillance and IoT Video Telematics would play a critical role towards enabling smart cities resonating the mantra of stay connected and stay in control.

iot and mobile changing the world:

Internet of things (IOT) is a blessing of modern science which is based on the idea of connecting every device with each other via internet, thus making the entire system smarter, reliable and efficient. Over the last few years there has been a significant change in people’s lifestyle due to the introduction of life changing IoT solutions. IoT and Mobile are becoming the pioneering tools in providing convenience, choice and low cost to people and consumers.

Smart Fleet Management Solutions :

With growing concerns on safely of people and critical logistics there has been a significant rise in the demand of Smart fleet management solutions which provide real time surveillance on tracking and monitoring of critical cargo on the move. ALBASMART come with its flagship application iLOGGIX that provides IoT Video Telematics solutions to track, monitor and optimize your fleet management levels. The solution provides real time notifications on the on-board storage levels, On time performance, fuel consumption analytics and fleet maintenance levels to manage the fleets efficiently and effectively. Smart Fleet Management solutions administer reduction in costs and reduction in liability for school Transport, Public and Private Transport and Critical Cargo logistics companies


On Time


Safety & Upkeep
of Assets

Risk Avoidance
& Accident Reduction

franchise partners :

At ALBASMART, We believe in business growth with partnerships and we take partnerships seriously. Our current opportunity is open for committed relationships in selected cities and towns in India. If you wish to grow in this exciting journey serving smart fleet management solutions for the logistics and education verticals, the below mentioned questions would definitely interest you. If you enjoy your knowledge and expertise in these domains and would love to be a part of our flagship applications, you can reach out to us by clicking on the Apply Now Icon.

  • a) Are you associated with Smart Fleet Management solutions?
  • b) Do you have knowledge on GPS tracking?
  • c) Are you experienced in selling IoT Telematics solutions?
  • d) Do you have knowledge on telematics and its hardware?
  • e) Are you aware of the KWP, K-Lin, CAN J1939 & J1708 protocols?
  • f) Do you possess experience with VTS systems?

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our bundle of services to franchise partners include:

  • Sales & Technical training to you and your teams to help you sell, install and service your customers
  • Post Sales hardware Services, replacement support and Consulting to customize software and reports
  • Integration with 3rd party offerings such as School ERP, Campus security solutions
  • Marketing including, Social media, Seminars, Roadshows and conduct Case studies in your area
  • Starter Kit We offer standardized Starter Kit, with necessary tools and sogtware – everything you need to begin with, demo your customers and kick start yoyr busines development
  • Financing : As our relationship grows and your business increases, we are willing to work closely with you to help you with financing options to serve your esteemed customers