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At this age of fast Technological transformation and infrastructure growth , we understand your needs and have taken giant leap towards providing end-to-end Smart Fleet Management Solutions using IOT , Video and Location based services to provide real time verifiable information to secure people , protect critical cargo, ensure safety of transport assets on the move , integrate with your business workflows and to achieve operational effieciency in day to day Logistics operations.

School Transport Management

End to end Application designed to provide safe, comfortable and secure transport for our children with Intelligent dispatch mangement

Private & Public Transportation

Safe & Secure Solution for City & tourist bus services , Taxi’s , Corporate fleet management & Ambulance services

Critical Cargo Logistics

Solutions built with Operations efficiency for Express Freight , Oil & Industrial gases and Referigerated logistics

Built To Deliver Profitability

Our custom built solutions are bundled with transport grade Video Telematics hardware and software for integration with operational workflow’s to help, keep up with world class safety standards. Solutions are built using proven IOT platform a view of business efficiency for commercial fleet operators to actively manage their moving assets for a sustained business model and delivered profitability. Telematics is the key tool in solving large complex transportation problems like route planning, demand forecasting, achieving predictable delivery times, driver education, monitoring vehicular performance and establishing performance-based rewards.
This helps not only fleet owners but also their customers in getting reliable information about their in-transit cargo movement – that is currently heavily dependent on the word of driver. With telematics, it is possible to measure driver behaviour in detail. You are able to measure and monitor data like “hours driven per day”, “distance traveled per day”, “average speed”, “maximum speed”, “number of idle days in a month”, “harsh braking”, night driving and unsafe driving. It resonates the mantra of being connected and being in control of your moving assets.

Loss Prevention

On Time Delivery

Driver Behaviour

Safety of Assets

Safety of Assets

Accident Reduction

Our Flagship Applications

Our open platform iLOGGIX supports a wide range of telematics hardware devices that are designed to suit a range of applications and geographic requirements with options that work seamlessly on 2G / 3G / 4G / VoLTE networks. With range of business specific apps, solutions are being deployed for a range of Fleet management operations including Express Freight logistics, Oil & Industrial Gases transport, City bus transportation management and Corporate fleet logistics management.

iLOGGIX cloud based vehicle tracking and logistics management platform , with integrated Eco Driving analytics feature for Driving behaviour monitoring , digital Fuel consumption analytics , with real time monitoring , which can be readily deployed for Fleet Management of Critical cargo such as Oil & fuel transportation , valuable refrigerated perishable cargo , securing Express delivery supply chain . Our advance offerings ensure safety of transport assets , prevent transit losses and secure personnel. Advance Driver Assistant Solution (ADAS) built with artificial intelligence provides Pre and post event - driver behaviour monitoring , detect driver fatigue , identify distraction ,analyse driver ability to improve driving behaviour .

Our School Transport Management platform is designed to provide safe , comfortable and secure transport for our children , ensuring 100% satisfaction to all stake holders , namely School management , transport service providers and parents.
BusOkay Solution addresses needs of complex school transport scenario, where in school buses are owned or leased, drivers are often not employed directly, bus assistants are not trained on the job role, transport managers are faced with challenges on route change management and exigencies due to vehicle availability and maintenance.

With our open platform BUSOKAY multi device support built using state-of-the-art protective and secure protocols, our solution is just perfect to meet the need of today’s growing infrastructure and digital savvy individuals. Cloud based application with real time stream video monitoring feeds over 3G / 4G networks , Integrated GPS with ready API's for integration with your existing platform to provide advance location based services.