Empowering Logistics With Technology 

Solutions built to deliver profitability

Our custom built solutions are bundled with transport grade Video Telematics hardware and software for integration with operational workflow’s to help, keep up with world class safety standards. Solutions are built using proven IOT platform a view of business efficiency for commercial fleet operators to actively manage their moving assets for a sustained business model and delivered profitability.

  • Reduction of up to 15% of transport cost by tracking the routes
  • Up to 25% reduction in delivery time and reduction of delay
  • Eliminate unwanted use of your asset
  • Up to 35% reduction in fuel consumption
  • Safe use of vehicle by controlling the driving quality, acceleration rhythm and reduce the risk of accident by 20%.
  • Eliminate fuel theft and locate the product or vehicle by monitoring video and location
Telematics is the key tool in solving large complex transportation problems like route planning, demand forecasting, achieving predictable delivery times, driver education, monitoring vehicular performance and establishing performance-based rewards.
Our solution helps not only fleet owners but also their customers in getting reliable information about their in-transit cargo movement – that is currently heavily dependent on the word of driver. Our telematics monitor driving behaviour by analysing key data metrics such as “hours driven per day”, “distance travelled per day”, “average speed”, “maximum speed”, “number of idle days in a month”, “harsh braking”, night driving and unsafe driving.

Loss Prevention

On Time Delivery

Driver Behaviour

Safety of Assets

Safety of Assets

Accident Reduction