Safer and Secure Journeys

Empowering Transportation with Safer & Secure Journeys

The incredible growth of urbanization has also led to the emergence of inflated vehicular traffic, which has gone past the capacity of existing roads and infrastructure. Transportation and lifestyle has become intensely stressed, resulting in lower productivity, higher pollution and lower quality of life. Perils of transit losses, accidents and other hassles have just doubled over time. Apart from safety and security issues, public transport operators are struggling to balance fleet budgets due to operational and maintenance deficiencies, misuse of the vehicular assets combined with fuel thefts and losses. The most essential challenge faced by the industry today is lack of real time information and verifiable data, insufficient integration of transport operations and distribution facilities, via automated IT systems, leading to high levels of loss, damage and deterioration of perishable stock. More efficient systems would allow operators to make real savings in operating and maintenance costs while upholding the highest standards of safety and security

Delivering Security Solutions Since 1989 , in India

At Alba, we have been delivering exceptional value through integrated Security, Communication and Automation solutions in India, since 1989.
With our eccentricity in the arena of Security and Surveillance , have created Smart Fleet Management Solutions with Video Telematics with a focus on Safe, Secure People and Freight Transportation Logistics.
Our business specific solutions integrate with operational workflow’s to help Secure transport , Loss prevention of assets , Accident reduction with driving behaviour monitoring to keep pace and to be at par with world class standards. Solutions are designed to ensure Safety and Security of passengers, assets and drivers, increase operational efficiency with suite of application, analytics and reporting tools to support business workflows, reduce liability, monitor fleet and driver performance to enhance overall customer experience. We are committed to deliver total customer satisfaction by providing quality products and innovative solutions for next generation.  

At Alba, we utilize the best to ensure our platform is fast and efficient. We believe in creating innovative value added customized solutions backed with professional installation and after delivery support. We leverage extensive skills and technical expertise of our in-house application development and deployment team members, we pride ourselves in delivering premium service.

Value Add To Your Business Operations

ALBASMART brings an end to end solution to operate your moving assets through IOT Video Telematics based Fleet Management to bridge the gap between transportation and technology to provide management plus control of your moving assets and assisting you run large fleets at different locations with a centralized tracking and monitoring.

Our state of the art Central Monitoring Services is specifically designed keeping transport operations and security in mind. With constant evolution we are introducing next generation capabilities to support our customers in every step.
With a simple aim of helping our clients manage their assets and business operations as efficiently as possible, we’re steadfast in our pursuit of providing a dynamic and affordable Fleet Management Solution.
Our team of highly qualified application engineers, in-house developers can seamlessly integrate with customers’ business operational platform using secured API’s with a commitment to delivering an efficient solution to our customers.

Vehicle State in Real Time with Video , Location & Speed

With AlbaSmart’s IOT Video Telematics Solutions, in addition to Real time Video and Evidence , you can monitor four essential data points: speed, time, location, and direction. Our advance solutions allow you to remotely access data such as engine behavior, mileage, safety measures, tyre conditions, etc. The integrated Vehicle Telematics offered by Alba Smart ensures 100% transparency of vehicle locations and turnaround times. It also helps businesses to better optimize fleet vehicle usage, control fuel costs, reduce operating expenses and labor costs to increase overall business productivity.

Driving behaviour monitoring backed with Video evidence , ensures accountability in managing assets , accident reduction and loss prevention.
At ALBASMART, we are continuously thinking about new ways to increase productivity for your business. We believe in creating innovative value added customized solutions backed with professional installation and after delivery support. We leverage extensive skills and technical expertise of our in-house application development and deployment teams. We pride ourselves in delivering premium service to increase profitability and enhance operational efficiency.