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School Transport Security Management

Due to the atmosphere in school buses that comes with a huge sense of freedom for the children, at times unpredictable situations may arise, which makes this seemingly easy task, complicated. Hence an end to end school transport management solution is required to ensure safety, security, tracking and performance monitoring, which can be efficiently managed by the school administration.






Introducing an end to end solution through a process based approach to address Safety, Security, Tracking, Transport Operation and Compliance in a comprehensive manner.

BusOkay an end-to-end solution for school campuses, with real-time information on vehicle location, driving behaviour, speed monitoring, security implementation, safety checks with process driven operations for flawless performance of each vehicle. BusOkay solution not only ensures complete monitoring of the bus en-route but also empowers your operations with Intelligent Disptach management , with notifications on timings, changes and delays if any.

BusOkay solution is designed and available for all types of transportation vehicles

40 -56 Seater Full size

26-38 Seater Midi

5 - 10 Seater Mini Van

Campus Admin Application:

BUSOKAY Campus admin application provides real time information on monitoring and tracking of school buses with real time assistance on bus route planning and vehicle optimisation to manage your school buses and their routes efficiently and effectively. BUSOKAY campus admin application is responsive to communications and actions and provides real time surveillance of school buses, Driver behaviour monitoring, Vehicle Maintenance and Fleet management. BUSOKAY campus admin application ensures Real Time Video and Audio clippings, Video storage upto 60 days, Evidence playback based on date, time and location, Real Time alerts and evidence on incident verification with cloud backup of critical alarms. It lets the school be connected and in control whenever the buses are on a move.

Ride Assistant APP :

BUSOKAY Ride Assistant App is an android/iOS based Mobile App with a simple icon driven user interface that manages boarding and de-boarding of children travelling in school buses. It notifies the school admin on breakdown of bus, route change, congestion delays and trip completions details. The app updates the ride assistant and school admin on the buses maintenance and optimisation levels for cost efficient and safer school transportation. The app makes sure that the school admin is always notified on any developments, updates or emergencies arising on the bus when the school buses are on a move.

Tracking APP :

BUSOKAY Tracking App is a Android/iOS based mobile app for parents with a simple interface to track bus routes. It provides Real Time bus location tracking and Live visualisation of the bus route on Google maps. It notifies the parents on real time pick up and drop of children with add-on notifications on Route change, Bus change, Bus delays and driver performance ratings. It lets  the parents be assured whenever their children are on a move.

Telematics Hardware :

The school buses are equipped with Transport grade IoT Video, Audio & data recorder with cameras which are vandal resistant built to perform and sustain under extreme vibrations, high temperature with aviation DIN connectors sustainable for operation on variable buck boost wide voltage from 8VDC to 36VDC. Equipped with built in GPS, 3G/4G connectivity for real time communication with our BUSOKAY cloud.

Central Monitoring & Helpdesk:

Our state of the art Central Monitoring &Help-desk Services are specifically designed keeping transport operations and security in mind. Our CMS application monitors field device health
parameters to ensure uptime and constant connectivity.Our help-desk provides customer support on device configuration,field application deployment, data services connectivity, route planning and configuration. All device’s performance are monitored 24×7 and in case of any breakdown, automated services are generated to carry out necessary fault rectification. We provide planned preventive and predictive maintenance services with notification’s on critical alarms, remote equipment health monitoring and daily/weekly/monthly analytical reports. With constant evolution we are introducing next generation capabilities to support our customers in every step.