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In this age of fast paced digital technological transformation, infrastructure development and increasing demand for logistic services. We understand your business needs for sustainable and profitable growth. Our end-to-end Smart Fleet Management Solutions using IOT, Video and Location based services provide real time verifiable information to secure people, protect critical cargo, ensure safety of transport assets on the move. We integrate our solution with your business workflows and aim to achieve operational efficiency from day one.

Our Serviced Segments ​

Transport Logistics

Boost your operational efficiency, Loss prevention Cargo & Assets security 

Public & Private Transport

Safety Security for passengers Route scheduling , tracking & Passenger counting 

Smart School Transportation

Child Safety , Ease of operations Tracking & Surveillance Ride safe everyday

Public Transportation : Video Telematics A Deterrent To Crime

Security and safety of passengers is an ongoing conern. In the area of Public Transportation  use of Video Telematics has proven to reduce crime by almost  23% . Realtime surveillance is proven to act as a Deterrent to vandalism and anti social behavior. Availability of Video footage greatly helps as an evidence to keep law & order under control. Telematics helps in planning and building sustainable mobility matching needs of our growing urban infrastructure .With the expansive growth in urbanisation, Safe & Secure transport infrastructure builds confidence in people to use more & more of public transportation , helping in reduction in overall road traffic congestion.

Fleet Management : Loss Prevention & Operational Efficiency

Whereas Vehicle tracking systems provide real time location , speed , time & direction , advance telematics with driving behaviour analytics with data on harsh braking , rash turning and harsh accleration.  Intgrated Smart Fleet management with Video telematics helps in Loss prevention , better asset management meeting supply chain commitments with highest efficincy. Installation of Transport grade Cameras inetgarted with GPS ensure safety and security of critical cargo on the move. IoT Video Telematics Solutions administers overall  in reduction of costs and liabilities whenever your fleet is on the move. Solution provides real time driver behaviour monitoring and gives real time data on your fleets speed, location, night driving hours and total hours driven per day to let you manage your workforce efficiently.

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