IoT Video telematics

Safe and Sound Public Transportation

Safe Public Transport with Video Telematics

Security of Passengers in Public transport is an ongoing concern for public transport operators which is vulnerable to multiple dangers. Buses and cabs conveying myriad passengers can get stuck into operational failure, vandalism or accidents. Often the drivers of public transport are habitual of corrupt activities. Such situations demand quick response management and real-time video monitoring to ensure the safety of passengers and prevention of any malicious activities.

Communication technology is helping everyday to better coordinate traffic flows with location based applications, global positioning systems, wireless data transmission, automated traffic assistance devices and high-resolution Real time video feeds. IOT Video Telematics solutions not only help in offering security and safety for Public and Private transportation but also extend opportunities to make urban transport faster, more efficient and to support the travellers. Monitoring of drivers and tracking of vehicles ensures the security of passengers, efficient customer service and hassle-free operation.

As a deterrent to vandalism and anti social behavior, use of Real Time Surveillance in Public Transporttion has resulted up to 23% decrease in crime

Enhanced Quality of Service in Private Transportation

IOT Video Telematics Solutions are being rapidly deployed in Private transportation such as Long haul Intercity tourism for overnight travel services. Secured environment, build customer confidence and ensure better upkeep of the vehicles . Transport Dignitaries and VIP for events and summits, for Transportation from Hotel to convention centres in shared safe & secure world class comfortable vehicles reduces hassles of traffic management , parking and commotion on pick up and drop. Airlines and airport management have successfully deployed Video Telematics solutions for Passenger Handling Services from Boarding gates to Aircraft transport, Intra terminal transportation , Airport to Hotel Shuttle Service Enhanced quality of Service along with Professional & Discretion Smooth Operations

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Our reliable telematics solution helps you augment your operational efficiency besides ensuring customer’s security. The VTS system proffers unrelenting protection as it backs against any harassment or confrontation, violence or robbery and reduces assault & kidnapping menace. It ensures occupational safety & monitors real time driver behaviour, providing evidence on the move by means of documenting and recording rides to grant ultimate peace of mind to operators.

Our well-organized solution is a plain-sailing answer to problems like anti-social, criminal behaviour and fraudulent claims. Rely on our VTS system for public liability & injury claim substantiation plus improving emergency response planning.

Critical Health & Emergency Response Services

Video telematics system works as a silver lining during emergency times and evidence management. This visually intelligent solution readily connects to ambulances for first aid diagnostics, to facilitate disaster relief and rescue operations and also to prepare hospital authorities prior to the patient’s arrival. It aids in getting situation awareness by recording real-time videos.
VTS system has completely transformed emergency response service by extending the benefits of telemedicine. Now, with our advanced solution, one can conveniently undertake trauma triage cases and embark upon best alternatives during the critical hours of life. All these technical progressions have tendered great reliability and assurance to patients and their families.

There is a little doubt that telematics has altered the way emergency and ambulance service has been operating. With the introduction of VTS system, fleet management has grown to be more well organized, efficient and safe. It puts forward an affirmative reinforcement amongst ambulance services. The GPS real-time tracking has drastically reduced the response time, controlled routing and is immensely helpful for evidence management.

Comprehensive Real Time Video Monitoring
Location Based Evidence Playback