Growth of Refrigerated Logistics in India

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Growth of Refrigerated Logistics in India

India is one of the leading producers of agricultural products in the world. In addition to this, there has been an evident increase in the production of meat and dairy products over the last decade. Approximately 104 million metrics tons of perishable products gets transported between different cities in India. Therefore, there has been an increased demand in the refrigerated logistics also. In fact, it is the efficient refrigerated transportation that acts as the backbone of the entire food industry in the country.
The Indian market is crammed with numerousrefrigerated logistic players trying to make it big in this industry and contributing substantial revenues to the economy. This sector of the economy, i.e. refrigerated logistics demands highly proficient planning, implementation, and supervision of the process. For a company to be successful in refrigerated logistics should aim at optimizing the efficiency of its fleet, timely deliveryand minimization of its wastage.

Towards a modern refrigerated logistics
The modern refrigerated logistics uses temperature sensors and GPS vehicle tracking system to ensure 100% safety of the products and reduction of transitional losses. The entire cold chain industry stands on the conception of ensuring the delivery of products in the exact condition. It is for this reason, that temperature supervision has become a fundamental part of this industry. And it has its own share of myriad benefits. Let’s take a lowdown on how modern technology of surveillance is promoting the growth of refrigerated logistics in India:

  • Instant temperature report: Minute-by-minute details are reported about the temperature conditions of the cargo. Any fluctuation in the temperature or if it exceeds beyond the threshold, can be monitored and responded to immediately. It enables the companies to organize an effective response system and minimize the dangers of any on-transit hassle.
  • Periodic alerts:Automation in transport logistics (can give hyperlink to the earlier blog) has given much-needed relief to the industry owners. These surveillance systems alert when doors of these temperature-controlled sensitive cargos are opened at unauthorized locations, when there is a route divergence or when there are unauthorized stops.
  • Real-time tracking: Ambiguity has been curtailed to the highest level, thanks to the introduction of GPS tracking systems. They grant you the pleasure of real-time tracking your refrigerated perishable cargo. These enable the companies to safeguard their vehicles from theft and other potential dangers.

Growth Statistics

  • Currently, only 5% of total cargo logistics is refrigerated whereas the demand has been forecasted at 25%.
  • Where about 104 million metric tons of perishable goods are transported in the whole of India, only four million metric tons is transported through refrigerated cargos.
  • Yet, India proffers a prospective market for the refrigerated logistics industry, as it directly proportional to the growth of cold chain industry which is evolving at a swift pace.
  • The high cost of transportation and unawareness of workers in handling temperature-sensitive cargos are two crucial challenges faced by this sector.

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