Advanced Driver Assistance Solutions

Accident Reduction with Power Of Artificial Intelligence 

Advance Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS )

A recent study conducted by Georgia Tech found out that 93% of all collisions on roads are subject to errors by humans and 80% of these accidents are caused by driver distraction just 3 seconds prior to an accident.
A co-related research by AXA constituted that 1.5 second of advance warning can prevent 90% of these accidents. Advance Driver Assistance Solution (ADAS) is the key to reduction in frequency of road accidents leading to improved Vehicle and road safety measures.
The implementation of ADAS results in uncovering the previously undetected risky driver behaviour minutiae. Our integrated solution with ADAS camera, real time CCTV video feed , driving behaviour analytics based early warning enhances driving abilities, ensuring road safety for assets on the move, passengers and pedestrians.
Fatigue Detection
Phone Usage
Smoking Detection