Automate your living spaces

Tired of controlling your Air-conditioner the old fashioned way by pushing buttons? What if all the devices in your life could connect to your smart phone?
iZen is your answer. With one device it lets you control AC, TV and SetTopBox at a go. The control and scheduling features enhances your comfort, helps reduce energy consumption and operating costs. It can be programmed to operate the AC efficiently according to your lifestyle needs making your ordinary AC, a smart air conditioner.

“With iZen, I can pre-cool my home , before I arrive . This is so convenient and makes my life easier”
-Sandeep Chopra, Gurgaon
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Mobile app killed the Remote

Whether it is to control your Air-conditioner, set desired temperature or to watch a movie, or have friends over for the big game, the environment where you seek out to relax. IOTNext app takes care of your lifestyle needs and helps you pre-schedule AC operations converting it into a smart air conditioner. It gives you a peaceful sleep with desired temperature settings, provides real time ambient temperature and RH levels.

Automation in 60 seconds

iZen can help take your traditional Air Conditioner online in less than 60 seconds. It is a plug and play device that connects to your AC, TV and Set Top Box wirelessly. It connects to the internet through a high-speed Wi-Fi connection thus making your AC a Wi-Fi air conditioner, TV a Wi-Fi TV and setup box a Wi-Fi setup box. It’s the fastest automation system available today.

Invest just once and save forever

iZen does not charge a subscription or a cloud service fee. That means no weekly, monthly or yearly payment plans.

Privacy you can trust

Your AC type, Wifi connection and mobile device details are private to you. iZen is time proof security that just works. We employ extensive security measures to protect your data and while making sure your experience is seamless.

Product Features
  • Plug and Play
  • All AC’s TV’s and STB’s
  • Real Time Status
  • Power saving plan

  • Remote Access to AC with Mobile
  • Replicates remote functions
  • Ambient Temp and R/H monitor
  • Easy Scheduling