Izen is an intelligent automation device that lets you control your air-conditioner , SetTopBox and TV from anywhere and at anytime. It is secure , practical and easy to use. The control and scheduling features enhances your comfort , helps reduce energy consumption and operating costs.

Wifi Socket

With Wifi Smart Socket, your geyser or any other home appliance can be operated through an app on your smart phone and can be controlled from anywhere. Also get Real time status and Power consumption report along with the easy access.


The home monitoring camera that’s simple to set up and perfect for keeping an eye on your home. Featuring smart Wi-Fi camera with a best-in-class advanced technology with inbuilt motion detection and night vision, it keeps tab on your home in relative real time, sends smart alerts when it detects motion.


EasyMate lets you manage your home with smart home automation right on your fingertips. Stay smart: Schedule and control all electrical lights and devices from your phone. Set your mood right with scenario settings. Stay in control: Have on demand control of your house from anywhere in the world . Stay safe: Keep an eye on your house and keep your loved ones safe.