Stay Connected Stay in Control

Do you need to keep an eye on how your maid treats your little one ?

Elderly parents at home ?

If these thoughts concern you, you should opt for AlbaCAM, a smart camera with a best-in-class advanced technology. Most home security cameras perform the same basic functions- certain cameras go beyond those. With AlbaCAM smart Wi-Fi camera, you can get notifications on your smartphone when your camera detects movements at unwarranted time.

“With AlbaCAM, a wireless cctv camera in my home, I can watch my pets activities and monitor his feeds.”
-Sonia Jain
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AlbaCam Feature Rich Cloud Camera With Motion Detection Image
Feature rich Cloud Camera with Motion Detection

AlbaCAM, the smart camera, lets you watch a live feed of your home, on real time basis, from anywhere in the world. You can schedule and record events. This wireless cctv  camera also helps you with two-way communication in real time. It’s motion detection features give you peace of mind whenever you step out of your home or office, without watching the live feed constantly, this is the only way to keep you informed on your loved ones.

Automation in 60 seconds

AlbaCam is a WiFi camera that connects to the internet through a high speed WiFi connection. It is very easy to setup and use. It’s the fastest automation system available today.

Invest just once and save forever

AlbaCam does not charge a subscription or a cloud service fee. That means no weekly, monthly or yearly payment plans.

Privacy you can trust

Your WiFi connection and mobile device details are private to you. AlbaCam is time proof security that just works. We employ extensive security measures to protect your data and while making sure your experience is seamless.

Product Features
  • Real-time video streaming
  • Video recording and storage
  • Easy to take screenshots. They are stored in the phone.
  • Night Vision and supports low-light scenario

  • Alarm, Scheduled and Manual recordings
  • 2 Way Audio
  • Security – motion detection and alarm (buzzer and notification messages).