What We Do

We are live in a world of constant connectivity. This empowers you to be in full control and secure your life and business. We integrate avant-garde technology to serve its basic purpose and make your life simpler and secure. We use the power of cognitive computing to design and develop effective IoT Smart Solutions for today’s lifestyle needs.
We offer complete range of IOT based end to end solutions , including Transport and Fleet Management Solutions including video surveillance, driver behaviour monitoring and vehicle management solution. With our expertise and experience in the area of security we focus on solutions for schools and institutions buses, Public and Tour Fleet bus transport and Critical cargo transport monitoring solutions. We here at Alba Smart design and develop an effective IOT technology that brings convenience, efficiency and security with multi-device responsive controls built using state-of-the-art protective and secure protocols. Our products are just perfect to meet the need of today’s growing business businesses, infrastructure and digital savvy individuals.
Alba Smart focuses on simplifying and ushering change through technology in daily lives.

Instant Control

Through our Avant garde technology we enable you to remotely controlling your appliances from anywhere around the world.

Real-time Monitoring

Monitor your device usage, performance and receive real time updates, wherever you are. You can also keep an eye at your home, your loved ones and keep you informed on intrusions.

Energy Saving

In six months to a year’s time, through energy savings, you will be able to recover the money invested in purchasing of our product. It’s that good!


This is like a virtual assistant, which can control your appliance in a defined manner making your life organized.

Our Products
Wifi Socket
iZen App
AlbaCam App
You don’t have to be a tech overlord to be able to relax in your own house!

After all, as they say, technology is supposed to make your life easier and free up your time; not make you take those heavy- jargons- filled- extra- classes on weekends just to understand how to use it, right?
If you, too, feel the same way, try Alba Smart. It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s technology done just right.
All you have to do is download the IOTNext app, and be swayed by the magic that turns your phone into a universal remote.

Don’t believe us? Experience it yourself…

Why us

Think. Do. Deliver.

With our expertise in providing solutions for Security and Automation, we present new opportunities to create ultimate experience. Alba Smart aims at making your life simpler and better. And it does it thru in depth research to design and develop technology. Life gets simpler when you embrace Alba Smart.

Ready to get started?

As the world quickly changes and life becomes organized and fast paced, we at Alba Smart continue building simple & smart home automation products and solutions that address the needs to today’s digital savvy individual. All you need is internet and our new age products.

We make real things

We love what we do

we deliver right on time

We know a secret