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At this age of fast Technological transformation and infrastructure growth , we understand your needs and have taken giant leap towards providing end-to-end Smart Fleet Management Solutions using IOT , Video and Location based services to provide real time verifiable information to secure people , protect critical cargo, ensure safety of transport assets on the move , integrate with your business workflows and to achieve operational effieciency in day to day Logistics operations.

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Catering to your concerns about your child’s safety, now stay relaxed while your child rides back home safely every day

Public & Private Transportation

Keep your drivers and passengers safe and secure even as you enhance the reliability and efficiency of your service

Critical Cargo Logistics

Boost your company’s namesake by augmenting operational efficiency and ensuring 100% security and comfort of your customers with minimum efforts

benefits of iot video telematics

IoT video telematics is the ultimate present and future for smart fleet management and logistics in India. It is the decisive solution to manage your moving assets with real time surveillance of your fleet. Installation of Cameras and GPS systems ensure safety and security of critical cargo on the move. IoT Video Telematics Solutions administers in reduction of costs and liabilities whenever your fleet is on the move. IoT Video telematics systems for Smart fleet management, alerts you on your fleets location, routes, on board storage, maintenance levels and On time Performance. It provides real time driver behaviour monitoring and gives real time data on your fleets speed, location, night driving hours and total hours driven per day to let you manage your workforce efficiently.

With IoT Video Telematics systems in Public Transportation, the crime rate has reduced by almost 23% ensuring safer public transport. IoT Video Telematics provides sustainable mobility assisting you in better planning of routes and avoiding road congestion’s and blocks. Installation of cameras and GPS systems ensures safety and security of the passengers on board with real time monitoring and tracking of the vehicles. With the expansive growth in people and cargo logistics, IoT video Telematics solutions smartly optimises your fleet management and empowers you to stay in control, empowers you to stay connected.

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